Dewin Undergrad Group Project

This was my 3rd year group project. In the team I was one of 3 animators, the character designer and the team leader. The animation is an adaptation of a Welsh myth called "Blodeuwedd" its a small part from the story "Math, the son of Mathonwy".

This was a year long group project of 6 people of which I was the lead artist. The project brief asked for and abstract animation synced to music. I created character designs, helped with the story, character animations, particle effects animations and composited everything together. I also had responsibilities for the team ensuring everyone knew exactly what they were doing, organising meetings and designating tasks for each person to do. The way we created the animation was to create rough animations in Photoshop then the same person or someone different would paint over it again in Photoshop to give it a loose feeling. This also allowed for anyone to paint over any animation even though we tried to stick to a character each I had the chance of colouring each character as well as animating the king, brother, bride, doe and crow.
I used Photoshop, Maya, After Effects and Premiere Pro for this Project. 

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